Hiring the wrong person can be a miserable and costly experience for the new employee, as well as for you and your other employees and customers.

How many people handing in a resume will be good, productive employees that will build your corporate culture? On the other hand, how many will be problematic, driving up costs across the board, and taking up management time to deal with issues?

How do you tell which potential employees are worth hiring? Gut instincts and a brief employee interview can’t accurately predict employees at risk for theft, or identify bad attitudes towards supervisors. You need the right tools to make great hiring decisions.

Most people are hired for their knowledge, skills, the interviewer’s “gut-feelings” and how badly they need to hire someone. However, most people are fired for their unacceptable attitude and behavior, neither of which can be determined completely and accurately from resumes’, background checks, references or interviews.

If you are concerned about hiring honest, loyal, hard-working employees, who show up for work on time, won’t steal from you or your customers, won’t use drugs on the job, or be rude to your customer, our Orion® Pre-screening workplace attitude survey will give you an accurate snap-shot of an applicant’s work related attitudes that make someone an asset or a liability.

Our Workplace Attitude report gives you the information you need to avoid problematic hires, and identify valuable employees who can make your company more successful. You can quickly and consistently make the right hiring choices.

Why use employee assessments to pre-screen applicants?

All employers assesses their applicants’ attitude, behavior and motivation at some point in time. Some do it before and others do it after hiring them. Assessments to determine an applicant’s integrity, attitude, behaviors and motivation before hiring someone is far less time- consuming, disruptive and expensive.

Attitudes: Our Orion Pre-screening Survey takes less than 20 minutes to complete online, costs less and is more accurate than a physical drug test, and predicts with 96% accuracy if the applicant will use drugs on the job, steal from you and your customers, show up for work on time, be a long-term loyal employee, accept supervision well, treat their peers and your customers with respect and not be a safety risk. Save hundreds of dollars on wasted drug tests and background checks on people who shouldn’t be considered for employment. – Learn More

Behaviors: Our Interviewing Insights assessment describes how a person will handle problems, treat people, react to change and respond to supervision.Sample report —-Sales version

Motivatiors: Our Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values assessment will help you determine if the job is a good fit for them and how likely they are to enjoy their work, be successful on the job, and become a long-term employee. The #2 cause of turnover is job stress, mostly from being under-qualified and stressed, or over-qualified and bored. Sample report

Businesses waste a lot of time and money training the WRONG people!

According to a study by two major universities on employee turnover, companies spend 5 times more on training as they do on selection; yet only 24% of turnover was due to poor training, while 76% was due to poor selection. Businesses waste a lot of time and money training the WRONG people.