Research indicates, even if there is no conflict, over 60% of all customers quit dealing with a business because of indifference on the part of some employee.

Customer Service

Every business wants satisfied customers. The challenge is how to provide excellent customer service, with fewer resources, in a competitive environment, for customers who demand more for less.

Each year thousands of people attend seminars and read books and articles on customer service, but increased knowledge doesn’t always translate into improved customer service. Common knowledge is not always common practice.

Customers are normal people just like us. However, that doesn’t mean they all think and act alike. And when it comes to customer service, each person has his or her own expectations and perception of what good customer service looks like. The customers’ perception is our reality!

Our Customer Service with “Style” webinar is designed to teach your employees how to improve their communication with customers, employees and peers.

In this webinar you will learn to:

Understand your own behavioral style in order to provide more customer-sensitive service
Recognize and communicate more effectively with the four basic customer types
Understand customer’s behavior, emotions, expectations, and fears that drive their complaints
Use words that build, and avoid words that destroy customer relationships
Manage customer concerns; handle difficult customers and touchy situations


  1. What is good customer service?
  2. Introduction to Four Basic Customer Behavioral Styles and their customer service preferences
  3. Managing Customer Concerns and building relationship using “Customer Service with Style” skills

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